Tiger Stripes Name Design

Add a name to the Cover

Literally Made Just for Your Journey

Ownership over your space serves as a constant reminder and source of motivation to write, explore ideas, or pursue personal goals. Having your name on the cover fosters a deeper attachment to your content. It can evoke a sense of pride, ownership, and personal connection with the contents of your journal.

For many, a journal is a personal artifact of a moment in time of its writer. It can represent a mindful awakening, healthy growth, a new future, or creative freedom. Create a stronger connection between you and your journal with your name or someone you love on the cover. 

For this journal design, I use this font. Upon request, I can give you a preview of what your name would look like with the custom ligatures and lettering.

If you’re not a fan of this particular font, message me for previews of another font. Please send me a picture of a font style you like. I can’t guarantee I’ll have the exact font but I can come close. No extra charge for font changes if I have a font you like.

Font Sample

Color Combos

Unleash Your Inner Magic with Personalized Color Combinations

With our current selection, there are over 200 possible color combinations for you to choose from! Whoa, that's a lot, right? I know that sounds overwhelming but hopefully, it excites you more than it scares you!

Think of this process like dating to find your life partner, your past journals were "meh," and you've had some really great times, but now you've stumbled into my witch's den to create a perfect mate for you and you suddenly can't decide what to choose! But fear not, when you are nearly out of pages, come back for another color combination.

If you are having trouble deciding, go visit my color inspiration board where I've taken photos of all the journal combinations I've made.

Actual color examples in the listing may differ slightly based on monitor colors/brightness vs. actual colors in real life. I do my best to represent the actual colors, but everyone sees color slightly differently.


Mint Blue

Sky Blue



Lime Green


Light Orange


Berry Purple

Blush Pink





Mint Green

Electric Blue


Leaf Green

Bright Yellow

Light Orange



Hot Pink

Bubblegum Pink

Light Pink






Choose your Paper Type

Uncover the  Personality of Your Journal with a Variety of Paper Types

Every custom, personalized, or special order gets the option to select between three paper types. I like to think you can tell a lot about someone by the preferences of their paper type.

What does your paper choice say about you?


You're an undying classic. Structure and harmony is your happy place while navigating chaos. Others rely on you for organization and effective communication. You are a boss! Don't ever change.

Dot Grid

You're a rebel and a day dreamer. You're a creative thinker who plays nice but breaks the rules for the greater good. Others see you as an inspiration and want to learn from you.


You're brave and a badass! You are a master of your mind and the page, but you own to your mistakes and create something better next time. Others envy your confident spirit and look to you for leadership.