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I’m here to answer all your questions about my products! Or life advice, I guess. I’m a Taurus so I know how to live a comfortable life and am a great problem-solver.



Omaha, NE, USA


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Do you need help previewing custom color combos?

If you can please start by looking over my Instagram, that would be the quickest way for you to find exactly or close to what you are looking for. Give me a few likes while you’re there 😉 Go to Instagram →

If you don’t see the color combo on my Instagram, you can fill out the form below or directly email me. Also, let me know what design you want to see the color preview with.

What local market or fairs will I be at?

I have a specific page for that! Come see me and my stuff in person →

Are you a shop owner or market/fair representative?

If you are a shop owner, go ahead and fill out the form below or directly email me with what items you are thinking of adding to your shop and how many / for how long.

If you are from markets or fairs, go ahead and fill out the form below or directly email me with the name of the fair and the dates. If you know who referred me, I’d love to know!

Are you looking to make a special order?

I have a “special” form for that instead of this form. Go to Special Order Form →

Do you want to know more about how my journals are made?

Please look at this video and this video to see how the process works!

Can’t Help Yourself?

Don’t worry, you’re not a failure. I’m here to help. What can I help you with? If I don’t respond in a few days, something went wrong, so email me using the email towards the top of the page or DM me on Instagram.

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