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Valentine’s Day Candy Heart Journal

Indulge in the sweetness of our candy heart-themed journals for Valentine’s Day! Add a touch of personal charm to your everyday notes with our customizable sayings on each heart. Whether it’s love notes, motivational quotes, or inside jokes, these journals are a delightful treat for yourself or the perfect personalized gift for someone special. Dive into our collection and let your words come alive on these adorable candy hearts! Find your perfect match among our array of vibrant designs and express yourself uniquely with every turn of the page. Start creating your sweetest stories today!

These colorful journals are perfect for maximalists and color lovers!

Available in lined, dot grid, and blank pages.

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More Customizable Valentine’s Day Options

Customize Your Journal Color

Choose from a wide variety of journal colors! Available colors are navy, sky blue, mint blue, teal, emerald, lime green, yellow, light orange, coral, maroon, red, berry purple, blush pink, lavender, brown, black, and white.
But the personalization doesn't stop there. We understand that every creator has their preferred canvas. That's why we offer a variety of paper types – lined for orderly notes, dot grid for organized doodling, and blank pages for unbounded creativity.

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Lined, Dot Grid, or Blank Pages

Craft your thoughts, ideas, and sketches precisely the way you envision, all within the pages of a journal designed uniquely for you. Let your creativity flourish with the perfect fusion of vibrant designs, color choices, and paper types that elevate your journaling experience to new heights.


You're an undying classic. Structure and harmony is your happy place while navigating chaos. Others rely on you for organization and effective communication. You are a boss! Don't ever change.

Dot Grid

You're a rebel and a day dreamer. You're a creative thinker who plays nice but breaks the rules for the greater good. Others see you as an inspiration and want to learn from you.


You're brave and a badass! You are a master of your mind and the page, but you own to your mistakes and create something better next time. Others envy your confident spirit and look to you for leadership.

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