a Maximalist Lifestyle Brand

Embrace a colorful lifestyle full of whimsy, magic, and fierce personality. Maximalism can take many colorful forms, you make it your own – use Cleo Good Day to add unique creations and curated finds to your collection.

Big Cat Energy


Journal Envy

Limited Editions

These customized, themed journals are available for a limited time!
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Pile of colorful journals

Animal Prints

Add personality to your journal with this handmade big cat leopard or tiger design with customizable colorful options to suit your style!

Each journal is made to order with a durable iron-on design.
Chose between 12 journal colors & 9 pattern colors.

More to Come

Cleo Good Day is just starting out, so a little patience goes a long way as the brand grows by creating handmade products and curating thrifted treasures for hard-core maximalists or anyone who loves color. Stick around and you’ll be supporting a one-woman show, her three cats, and a colorful dream.

Where to Shop

Handmade Creations
on Etsy

These original handmade cat art creations are what started Cleo Good Day and it’s where the most effort is being spent to expand. Love florals and cat art? You’ve hit the jackpot, friend.

Thrifted Treasures
on Depop

Once loved thrifted items discovered and thoughtfully hand-picked for a new wow factor to your unique maximalist style. Inspected for quality and truly one-of-a-kind finds or discontinued treasures. 


Cleo Good Day

Do you have that friend who is a little too obsessed with cats? No? Well, I’m that friend if you are in need of one.

In the age of being yourself and letting your freak flag fly, I’ve realized there are more colorful, cat people like me that would enjoy my art. For years, I’ve focused on my career and I’ve gotten to a point where I had more time for myself. 

I have plans to expand into more mediums of cat-related items and more maximalist themes. Stick around and I hope to see one of my pieces in your home.

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